Married With Children No Ma’am T-Shirt

Married With Children No Ma’am T-Shirt

The Al Bundy No Ma’am T-Shirt

When I was little, my dad wouldn’t allow my sisters or I to watch Married…With Children.  He said it was a horrible excuse for television, and the absolute opposite of everything we should strive for in life.  Although I was a little mad at the time (since everyone else watched the show and I didn’t get their jokes), I’m a little glad he took that stance.  It made discovering trashy programming all the more exciting when I moved out.  Oh, and I guess it let me spend more time learning and becoming a decent human being instead of growing accustomed to the idea of growing up and eating bon-bons with a husband who sits on the couch with a hand down his pants.  I don’t know.  I still think the show is kind of funny.

Case in point – The No Ma’am t-shirt.  Or, the “National Association of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood”.  Yeah, the acronym is a bit off, that’s not just you. Anyway, Al Bundy’s No Ma’am club was a pretty epic part of 80’s television (see video below), and now it’s been immortalized on a t-shirt that you can own and wear with pride. Granted, you may have to explain it to anyone under 25 or so – but that’s a great opportunity to bring them into the No Ma’am fold.  You can order your very own No Ma’am shirt HERE.

Fun fact: The show was actually not that popular until season 3, episode 6, titled “Her Cups Runneth Over”. It so offended one Michigan housewife that she organized a massive boycott and rallied all the religious and “family values” extremists to try to get it taken off the air. While she did manage to get a few sponsors to cancel their ads, she drew so much attention to the show that it became hugely popular. The show was a major hit, and Fox (until then a relatively small network) grew.

The show’s cast and crew sent her flowers every year it was renewed, and they even spoofed her campaign in Season 9’s “No Pot to Pease In”. The Bundy’s learn there’s a show based on their lives, but it’s cancelled because “a housewife in Michigan didn’t like it”. Then again, considering what Fox News has become to the conservative side of the country, it’s possible the housewife really DID get the last laugh.

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